LynnMarie Schanz, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

LynnMarie's career in real estate over the past 20 years has taken numerous forms - from home-buyer to real estate investor, to flipper to landlord, and finally, to real estate salesperson. While her career did not start out in real estate, her passion for it was always there.
LynnMarie started her professional career as a social worker, specializing in geriatrics. While in graduate school her passion for real estate was piqued while working on housing issues for the elderly. It was at this time she had her first home built. This property became her first income-producing property, making her a first-time landlord. In the years following, LynnMarie has invested, flipped, and sold over 30 properties. While dealing in her various real estate ventures, she has acquired vast knowledge in the construction and maintenance aspects, as well as the staging of properties for investment and sales. LynnMarie's skills also include practical experience and educational certificates in property management.
While she has transitioned from a social work career into her true professional passion in real estate, LynnMarie continues to call on those skills every day. They make her keenly aware of sellers and buyers' needs, wants, and desires. She offers a business/nurturing quality that can assist and ease in making your real estate transaction a comfortable, knowledgeable, and pleasant experience.

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